Quality and Affordable IT Services for Your Small Business

Welcome to Krisen Consulting Services. I am passionate about 2 things. 1. Helping People 2. Technology. My goal for KCS is to blend my 2 passions. My rates are reasonable and reflective of my experience and knowledge. I understand Corporate and I understand Technology. I am fortunate to live in Toronto where life and work intersect and can be fun, challenging and rewarding.
Here is some of the work I do:
Technical Business Analysis – translate business requirements into IT requirements
– Find best fit IT vendors to deliver the requirements
– Lead conference/video calls to ensure software delivered continually meets business expectations.

Cloud Services

1. Office 365
• Setup shared drives and distribution lists for notifications
• Setup archive mailboxes
• Setup redirect rules
• Configure advanced functionality using powershell commands
2. Gsuite
• Gmail for Business
• Configure Team Drive for user collaboration on files
• Configure prior versions and perpetual file storage to minimize data loss.

3. Barracuda Cloud Mirroring – long term archiving and retrieval of company email
4. MS Onedrive – setup on multiple devices and share
5. Skype for Business – text/voice chatting and online meetings
6. Migration from exchange to O365
• AD connect sync for password and directory synchronization
• Configure OneDrive for use as a fileserver.

Corporate Windows Server/Lan maintenance
• File and folder permissions
• Shadow copying of files
• VPN use PPTP or other more secure
• Configure Off the Shelf firewalls eg: Sophos or Cisco
• Set group policies for user tasks such as screen timeouts or password resets

End User Support and Training

• One on one remote sessions using logmein or Splashtop and phone calls
• PC Support – setup Antivirus or clean infected machines
• Software Install– install required software and optimize for
• Create new profiles for user issues with existing profiles
• Outlook support – server rules – cached exchange troubleshooting
• Create User howtos – screenshots and instructions


Office 365 shared mailboxes hack – how to forward an email to more than one user.

Office 365 Shared Mailboxes are great for generic company emails such as : info@xyz.com, help@xyz.com or careers@xyz.com.  The biggest advantage of using this mailbox is that it’s Free! $$$  – no license required. Other advantages are that multiple users can access the inbox  and the mailbox size is 50GB. How shared mailboxes work users who …